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Smart people are too busy to clean their inboxes. How about you become the cool kid in town with Delere ?

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Unsubscribe from newsletters ━ Get easily rid of the newsletters that spam your inbox.
Automate the deletion ━ Gain a lot of time by setting up the deletion of the useless mails up and sign in pages.
Become more eco-friendly ━ We created powerful tools made to spend as little energy as possible.


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Automatic Unsubscribe from Newletters

You can unsubscribe from all these boring newsletters in 3 clicks. Come check it out !


One click Emails Deletion

Delere allows you to remove all your pointless emails in a flash. Available from your dashboard !


First Release

Delere beta is now live, help us cleaning this ocean from all these pesky innumerable emails !

Meet the greatest of french engineering.

    • Kemici joined us as an internship during the lockdown. He quickly became one of our least useful members and managed to get, god knows how, the prestigious position of CEO.

      Kemici Cagnard
      Chief Executive Officer
    • Do you know what is a good software engineer ? A lazy man, bored with his own life with a working alarm, helping them shipping features on time.

      Heddi Brahiti
    • Engineer that can't code, designer which cannot design : Makes you the perfect product owner ! He has one famous quote : Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

      Guillaume Prigent
      Chief Product Officer
    • I joined the team as web developer junior and my job within the dev team is to help produce a product of quality and in accordance with our user needs and their experience.

      Vincent Zhu
    • Devops engineer who have hands. Respect the naming convention, read documentation and everything will be fine. Privacy is important. There is an impostor among us !

      Ruben Barros Costa
      Chief Technical Officer
    • Cloud Consultant and web developer, Etienne tries to assist Ruben on the set up of the Cloud architecture and the back-end development. Unfortunately, he's not good in either of these tasks.

      Etienne Secondini

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  • Manage your newsletters
  • Delete automatically up to 500 mails per month
  • Customise your delete automation up to 5 settings
  • Automation deletes your mails once every month
  • Get your mails data from 3 last months
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Miaouuu Express

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  • Link as much profiles you want
  • Delete automatically up to 50 000 mails per month per profile
  • Customise your delete automation as you wish
  • Automation deletes your mails up to 4 times a month
  • Get your mails data since your inscription
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